LED Strip Lights

Limitless Color Possibilities

Color Changing + White LED strip light is an ingenious product that has combined two powerful strips into one.  With the touch of a remote, these lights can become any color you can imagine - including a crisp and beautiful white. No longer will you have to sacrifice one product for the other, we have combined them both into one strip.  

Higlight your space

Vivid Color LED strip lights are the perfect way to add a flood of accenting color to any space. Colors available in this series are red, green, blue, amber, and ultraviolet (UV). This series is perfect for any application that requires a densely packed beam of colored light!  

Create a warm and inviting space

White Series is designed so you can easily add stunningly bright and crisp accent lighting in coves, under cabinets, shelving, or a thousand other places you may imagine.